A team of games industry veterans with a mission to become a sustainable, people-first studio making heartfelt games for a diverse audience.

Pieced Together

Pieced Together is a cozy scrapbooking puzzle game that tells a heartwarming story of female friendship. We're developing the demo as part of the Wings ELEVATE programme, a mobile game accelerator run by Code Coven and backed by Netflix Games.
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We're a team of experienced developers whose credits span AAA, indie and mobile games. We work remotely, distributed across the UK and US.

Kate Killick

CEO / Creative Lead


BAFTA winner with 13 years in mobile. Past game lead at Mojiworks. Diversity advocate.

Skyler Stanley

CTO / Tech Lead


9 years in games. Team lead on Gears Tactics, dev on Gears of War 4 & 5. TIGA Entrepreneurship winner.

Ellie Eady

Game Artist


6 years in mobile. Shipped Ready Chef Go (>65 million players). Limit Break mentor.

Rebecca McCarthy

Narrative Designer


15 years’ experience. Limit Break mentor. GDLX speaker. Co-ran AdventureX.


Some of our team's achievements before joining Glowfrog include...

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